Mercury 2370 / 3370 E-POS Super Compact PC

Mercury 2370/3370 is a high-performance, super-compact system with Intel Celeron or Pentium PIII CPU up to 1.3Ghz, this product's versatile features are ideal for use as a POS terminal, back-up system, workstation and LANStation.

  • Space-Saving design only in the size of  11" * 11" * 3".

  • Outstanding performance, supporting Celeron /  Pentium III CPU up to 1GHz,(Mercury 3370 up to 1.3GHz), professors with Build-in 10 / 100 base T Ethernet port, Internet (Web) PC.

  • Possess superb cable management by Back Cable Cover (Optional).

  • Flexible expansion with 3 free-expansion slots.

  • Disk On Chip (Optional) offers a faster and low-cost solution for applications with limited space. 

  • Support digital LCD interface by TMDS  adapter board (Optional).

  • Allow 2 pcs of 2.5" HDD and FDD with limited space.

  • Possess Key Lock on front cover to restrain from unauthorized copying.

  • Support more POS  peripherals with 4 COM ports

  • Possess AC97 CODEC audio output and S-Video /Composite (RCA) output (Optional) to become a media POS PC.

  • Easy to assemble.

  • Support +5V and +12V output directly.

  • Enable and disable the functions of LAN and Disk On Chip by BIOS setting.

  • Possess manual IRQ and address setting for COM 3 and COM 4. The other IRQ and address settings are auto-detected.

  • Excellent heat dissipation solution with water cooling heat-pipe and 2 fans.

  • Support dual monitor display output.

Powerful Features For Versatile Applications

- Consumer and Office PC
- Industrial PC


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