Hermes HP370 (Hospitality)

Hermes Touch POS with Intel Celeron or Pentium III CPU supports Windows 98/2000/NT/XP and is easily upgraded via Socket 370 technology. Its powerful features can be used in versatile applications, including shopping malls, super markets, hospitality, general retailers and casino and gaming. With a unique, modular, space-saving design, the prodct can be easily installed and maintained on-site.

  • Possess superb cable management to eliminate untidy cables.
  • Door With Keylock
  • Water Proof LCD Touch Panel. 
  • Flexible expansion with 3 free-expansion slots.
  • Air Tunnel.
  • LCD TMDS Adapter Board.
  • 4 COM Ports.
  • Disk On Chip (Optional) offers a faster and low-cost solution for applications with limited space.
  • LCD Display with Touch. 
  • T-123 MSR. 
  • Customer Display


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