Industrial rackmount computer enclosure with integrated LCD screen

VIC-V9 SpecWith the new V9SX series, all-in-one 8U-rackmount computer enclosure, there's no more squeezing for rack space. Designed to be a versatile chassis with 2 types of integrated display choices and 2 types of system platforms, it is by far one of the most compact and scalable rackmount computing enclosure for any mission critical tasks and space constraint conditions.

Selection of Display
The IPC series has 2 different type of LCD monitors to select from with different sizes and resolutions for different budgets and applications. The V9-SX17 has a 17" color LCD monitor while the V9-SX15 has a 15.4" color TFT screen. Both comes with analog-to-digital conversion board which allows these displays to interface with standard off-the-shelves VGA cards for complete customization.

Two Types of System Platform
The V9/A has an ATX motherboard form-factor platform with 7 full length add-on card slots. V9/B is the passive backplane model with 14 add-on card slots, where 12 of these slots are full length and 2 slots are half length. All slots on both V9/A and V9/B has an adjustable height card retention module to hold add-on cards in their places.

Drives Cages and Keypad
The shock-mounted drive cage has slots for two 5.25" and one 3.5" accessible drives plus an internal 3.5" bay for hard disk drive. These accessible drives are protect-ed by a door cover. This full featured keypad is color coded and has all the functions of a standard key-board.


  • All-in-one rackmount computing solution
  • Built-in LCD monitor range from 15.4" to 17" XGA
  • 4 Drive bays with 2x5.25", 1x3.5" and 1x3.5"(1.6"H) HDD
  • Supports 14 Slots backplane or ATX motherboard
  • Adjustable card retention module for add-on cards
  • Up to 12 full length add-on cards
  • Built-in protective glass for LCD monitor
  • AGP video capable
ATX or Passive Backplane platform
Supports any INTEL & AMD system
Durable metal chassis
19" 8U all-In-one rackmount chassis
Dual air circulation fan
LCD brightness control & POWER/IDE LCD indicator
2x 5.25" drive bays & 2x 3.5" drive bays
Shock-mounted drive cage
3mm impact-resistant LCD screen glass
Height adjustable add-on cards stablizer
300 watt 110/220V switchable power supply

Total Slots
5.25" Bay
3.5" Bay

Dimensions 14"H x 19"W x 11.25"D
Weight 35LBS

0° to 40°C(Operating)
-20° to 60°C(Storage)
10%-90% non-condensing
50,000 hours

IPC-SX17 Backplane Model

IPC-SX17 Backplane Model

IPC-SX15 ATX Model

IPC-SX15 ATX Model